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It’s Mom’s 87th birthday, today!

We had a scare last week when we went out to see our friends in the band play and after a lovely evening despite her having found a band-aid in her pizza (her dinner and wine, including a complimentary wine to make up for the band-aid, was free). Just as we had gotten up to leave, Mom keeled over and passed out. We ended up calling paramedics and after passing out a second time and throwing up, they took her in to the hospital. After an overnight in Observation, they surmised that she simply “passed out” and that it took a while for her blood pressure to return to normal.

Since we are having a little party for her this weekend, we are hoping that she doesn’t have a repeat performance. However, to head that off I will ensure that she gets up and moves around frequently, this time.

We got a message recently from someone who is researching Scottish girls schools which were evacuated from Edinburgh estates around the countryside. Mom’s school, Esdaile, was one of those. He wants to get her story and reminiscences about their time at the castle. They were evacuated first to Ancrum House and then, when the woman who owned Ancrum complained about everything they did (including claiming that they fed newspaper to the horses!), they moved to Ayton Castle (had I a spare¬†¬£3 million…) where they spent the duration of the war.


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